I’m a 29-year-old mama of one living in Brisbane, Queensland. My partner’s name is Dalton and our little girl just turned one.

Dalton and I met on New Year’s Eve, so we commemorated this special day by calling our daughter Eve. We quickly gave her a nickname and like to call her Evie.

2016 was a dark time for us. I was pregnant with Evie and suffering from severe morning sickness, known as hyperemesis. We were in and out of hospital and I was almost completely bed ridden. I wasn’t able to work, exercise and didn’t have the energy to see my friends, so it was a very bad time in my life. I found myself again not long after having Evie. My health returned and I threw myself into motherhood. I started this website as a platform to share my journey. Starting back in 2016 with my pregnancy story, the birth and the milestones we shared with Evie the following year.

Everyone’s journey is different but here is an insight into mine.

I hope you enjoy my story.


Jen xx